Maintenance Agreement

Why do you need regular maintenance?
Regular preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure trouble-free operation and peak performance.
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How Efficient is Your Home?

image As much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. So making smart decisions about your home's heating,
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Attic Insulation

Properly insulating and air sealing your attic will help reduce your energy bills. Attics are often one of the easiest places in a house to insulate, especially if you'd like to add insulation. About 78% of homeowners have not added any insulation to their attic; in part because they believe their home already has enough.
However 80% of homes built before 1980 are not insulated to government standards. Even newer homes may not be as energy-efficient as you think. State energy codes are only the minimum insulation requirements for new construction—not the amount recommended to optimize energy efficiency.
Overall, about 60 million homes in the U.S. are under-insulated, costing Americans $8.2 billion each year.* Simply insulating existing homes to current Department of Energy recommendations would save 800 trillion BTUs (that's 76 supertankers of oil) each year.

    Our company is certified dealer for Owens Corning insulation products. These products save many times the energy used to make it in the first year alone. And they continue to help conserve energy year after year without consuming any additional resources.
    The products Owens Corning sells each year are responsible for the prevention of more than 1 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions. This equals the emissions of 200 million passenger cars or the use of 2 billion barrels of oil.
    An energy-efficient home appeals to buyers' financial and environmental interests.
    Research shows that 71% of homebuyers want a home that reduces their overall impact on the environment. And 96% of home buyers consider energy efficiency when buying a new home.**
    Many Owens Corning products are made with renewable resources, recycled materials or the byproducts of other production processes.
    Owens Corning Fiberglass ™ insulation is made of plentiful sand and recycled glass. Its minimum of 40% recycled content is the highest in the industry.
If you would like to find out if the attic insulation at your house is up to current U. S. Department of Energy recommendations call us for free of charge evaluation.
The Federal Tax Credit that can be used for re-insulation jobs in existing homes is back. The credit applies to insulation installed between Jan 1, 2009 - Dec 31, 2010. Please see detailed information below:

* Source: U.S. Dept of Energy (DOE)

** Source: Owens Corning/Specialty Comfort Enterprices
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